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🌙⭐ Hello! I My name is Liza ⭐ 🌙 I started to cam with the intention to make some money but in time I discovered that I really enjoy what I do. I am the girl who always have the smile on her face, I am a very positive person, always seeing the good side in everything, rarely letting something ruin my mood. It's a good chance that when you will join my room, you will see me singing and dancing. I love to seduce through my slow and sensual moves. Even though sometimes I seem *****ish and innocent, you may be impressed of how dirty my mind can be. I can be your sweet little angel or your naughty demon. Which do you prefer? Even though I am Canadian , I wasn't born there, so I don't know the language very well. I always dreamed about visiting the Bali But my real big dream is that one day when I will have my own family, being wealthy enough to offer my ***** everything he needs. ⭐That what may I differ from some of the girls on this site, its my disease ..⭐ i want to let you know my Really BIG dream of life ... i don't know care you or not , but it could help get know me a little better This my eyesight ... I am be ill diabetes from *****hood .. and because my eyesight was go lower and lower every year Now i get know i can make laser surgery ( before doctor's was say i can not, because my diabetes ) , i feel really happy because my one eye see 10% and second see 20% ... maybe you understand what i feel ? I never did swim in the sea with his eyes open, and this is also my dream - to open their eyes underwater and see all The cost of the operation when it comes to the tokens is 22000 Unfortunately, I am not a popular model and get a surprising number of the month is a very - very difficult But if it is still to happen, I will grateful to my eyes all my life! When the goal of 22000 tokens will done, i put here this , with nikname's , who made my life colorful!!!! 🍆My Sexual Tip Menu🍆  🎶 Flash boobs- 22 toks 🎶 Flash ass - 20 toks 🎶 Flash Kitty -29 toks 🎶 Dance Topless -33 toks 🎶 Strip tease -66 toks 🎶 Stay topless 10 mins -111 toks 🎶 Stay naked 10 mins -166 toks 🎶 Blow kiss - 5 toks 🎶 Show feet or legs -11 toks 🎶 Skype -25 toks per min 🎶 Pm - 2 toks  🎶 Spanks x3- 19 toks 🎶 Suck fingers -18 toks 🎶 Be My Knight of the Day - 499 toks 🎶 Dream Tip - 789 toks 🎶 Sna***** - 250 toks 🎶 *********chat ( with pic's and videos ) -450 toks 🎶 Control lovense 10 mins - 444 toks (333 in pvt) 🍌I was hear , the toy Lovense is a lot of fun! Now i have it, would love to play together! 🍌 Lovense Level's ALWAYS ****'s in my public Chat room or you can find this level's on my Gallery  If you are like all what you was read before ... ⛔ Please respect my some room rules ⛔ ⛔ Please say ''Hello '' in the chat room when you enter the room! ⛔ Remember i'm real girl with REAL feelings! ⛔ Be nice! ⛔ If you like what you see, please tip. ⛔ Do not demand without tip. ⛔ Do not be rude with me and my friends. ⛔ Don’t promote other models or talk about them in the room. ⛔ NO pvt for 6 toks per min ⛔ Pvt for 12 tok per min - conversation there , or fun with tips for lovense to warm me up ☘️ Wish List ☘️ ☘️ Your contribution to the dream of a laser surgery my eyes, that would give me the opportunity to see this world colorful-4444 ☘️ ❤️ Underwear -1444❤️ ❤️ Domi from Lovense - 2999❤️ ❤️ Just Dreaming - 789 ❤️ ❤️ Just because you can lol - 1888 ❤️ My schedule (GMT + 2) London time [left]Monday-9[/left] [left]Tuesday-16:30-22:00[/left] [left]Wednesday-[/left] [left]Thursday - 9: 00-22:00[/left] [left]Friday [/left] [left]Saturday 16:30-22:00[/left] Sunday 16: 30-22: 00

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